>> Synergy Solutions, LLC Complete Medical Management Solution

Most practices purchase a practice management software without realizing the lengthy set up time and learning process involved.  The average practice will spend between 4-6 weeks of entering CPT/ICD-9 codes, insurance companies, billing codes and learning the basic data entry for patients, billing transactions, applying payments and appointment scheduling. 

We customize your data set with all CPT and diagnosis codes, 200 Insurance companies (already set up for electronic submission), integrate Direct Billing Modules, create billing codes and payment application codes and set up your office hours appointment scheduler. We install your software with the above described data, spend 2 days onsite at your facility training your staff and testing your electronic submission. If time permits, we can customize reports as well. 

The reduction in time and stress on your staff will amaze you. The system is set up ready for claim submission and all options set to reduce any down time in receiving payment.